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Negotiating Through Long-Term Incentives: The RSU “Problem”

A number of years ago the US tax law changed and required companies to expense stock options granted to their executives. The consequence of this, in addition to stock prices which were becoming more unpredictable, was that companies moved away from stock options as a long-term incentive. Today, most of our major clients use Restricted […]

The Dilemma Of The Extreme High Potential

The world seems to be going to extremes – business is no different.  For years company leaders kept a close eye on the younger talent in their organization identified as “high potential.”  This moniker is usually reserved for a small group of management talent which is viewed as having significant future potential.

The Importance Of Confidentiality

“This is confidential”  We hear this all the time, but is it really?  In our world, the answer must always be yes. When executive search is done right, the search consultant becomes just that – a consultant to a company and its senior team.  In this critical role we help senior leaders sort through a […]

Relocation In The “New Normal”

Relocation has always been a significant cost of recruiting a new executive.  Most of our clients expect that a full executive relocation will cost from $100,000 to $200,000.  The complicating factor of late has been the housing market – will the executive lose money on his/her home – and who will pay for this?  Over […]

Breaking Down Organizational Silos in the Insurance Industry

Every insurance company we talk with is grappling with the best ways to reorganize or rededicate resources to engage the various channels that they traditionally have and that they want to have. However, many companies are organized in silos that make it impossible for different parts of the company – such as the defined benefit […]