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Hiring Executives for the C-Suite: Source Internally or Externally?

Hiring decisions are wrought with uncertainties. Employing the wrong person can cause minor inconveniences at the entry level, but at the CXO level, a hiring mistake can cause detrimental economic effects that leave lasting effects throughout an organization. Engaging the most crucial members of your organization is a lengthy and strategic process. To ensure the best candidates are sought after for these crucial roles, recruiters should look outside the company in addition to within.

The Insurance Industry’s Makeover

The image today’s insurance industry portrays is changing, for the better. In recent years, insurance has been perceived as unattractive, behind the times, and as an industry offering little in terms of career development. That image has been shifting as more and more media attention has been given to the general insurance industry. The perception […]

The Chief Diversity Officer and Why You Need One

The C-Suite is getting bigger.  Recently, the Wall Street Journal published the article Firms Hail New Chiefs (of Diversity).  As it’s fittingly articulated in the WSJ piece, 60% of the Fortune 500 has a Chief Diversity Officer or Diversity leadership position.  As recently as ten years ago, the thought of a dedicated Diversity leadership role […]

The 5-P’s to Your Next Job

While the macro economic situation is still recovering from the financial crisis, companies are increasing their demand for leadership and executive talent – though still at a lower rate than pre-2008 levels. This is still positive news for executives who have been active in the job market for an extended period or for those who […]

The Key to Innovation is Culture, not Spending

Last week Booz & Co. released their 7th annual Global Innovation 1000 report titled “Why Culture is Key”. In it, Booz surveyed 600 innovation leaders at global companies, large and small. They conclude, as they have consistently over the past seven years, that ‘there is no statistically significant relationship between financial performance and innovation (R&D) […]