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CEO Q&A: Exploring What It Takes to Be a Successful Leader

exploring what it takes to be a successful leader

This post is the first in a series of interviews with leading middle market executives across the nation. We explore what helped them achieve success, what best practices they live by, and their thoughts on building highly effective teams.   Brian McSharry is currently President & CEO of RESA Power Solutions, a portfolio company of […]

The Rise in the Role of the Chief Strategy Officer

role of the chief strategy officer

As more industries are impacted by volatile changes to the business landscape, we’re seeing a significant rise in the role of the Chief Strategy Officer. It’s a position that has become far more prevalent in the C-suite within the last decade – often under the guise of a head of strategic planning – but is […]

Big Data in the Insurance Industry

Big Data in the Insurance Industry

It’s no secret that, since the moment the first email was sent in 1971, technology has been one of the most disruptive game changers in every industry, from manufacturing to financial services to consumer products. For the insurance sector, this is especially true; and, in particular, no technology has been – or continues to be […]

How Challenging Is Recruiting Executives for Family Owned Businesses

How Challenging Is Recruiting Executives for Family Owned Businesses?

What comes to mind when you think of brands like S.C. Johnson or Welch’s? We’re confident that one of the first things you think of is the slogan of each of these companies. S.C. Johnson’s slogan, “A Family Company,” and Welch’s “Family Farmer Owned” are two excellent examples of marketing campaigns that differentiate organizations as […]

The Evolving Traits of a Visionary Business Leader


As business leaders, we see the direct influence of globalization, consumerization and digitalization across the breadth of business functionalities. So find high quality dog leash here. Although these trends vary by industry, geography and company, we’d be remiss to imagine that the future of the C-suite will remain unaffected. This matters not only for our […]