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Recruiting Beyond Today’s Needs


It’s been well documented that the workforce is aging and the baby boom generation, now just beginning to retire, has exposed a substantial glut in the quantity of talent at the mid career level. But while quantity may be one concern, the bigger issue is the quality within this shrinking pool of talent. There are […]

Are Your Employees Happy?


The US economy – and the global economy, for that matter – is sluggishly climbing out of the worst recession since the Great Depression and Washington just can’t seem to get its act together to create any sustainable programs to accelerate the recovery.  Joblessness continues to be a major concern.  A certain sense of malaise just won’t […]

Attention Employers: If You Want Top Talent, You Are Going To Pay For It


Despite the apparent softening of the U.S. economy, and the broad labor market, demand for top tier executive talent continues to be high. An increasing number of employers are awakening to a startling realization: with the increased executive movement over the last year or so, their executive bench strength is simply not deep enough.  Although […]

Negotiating Through Long-Term Incentives: The RSU “Problem”


A number of years ago the US tax law changed and required companies to expense stock options granted to their executives. The consequence of this, in addition to stock prices which were becoming more unpredictable, was that companies moved away from stock options as a long-term incentive. Today, most of our major clients use Restricted […]

The Dilemma Of The Extreme High Potential


The world seems to be going to extremes – business is no different.  For years company leaders kept a close eye on the younger talent in their organization identified as “high potential.”  This moniker is usually reserved for a small group of management talent which is viewed as having significant future potential.