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Hiring for the C-Suite in a Company Spin-Off

hiring a new c-suite

The phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is being challenged with increasing fervor by some publicly-held companies. In a growing trend, many small to mid-size, publicly-held companies are breaking up/spinning off  into multiple entities, supposedly allowing for greater agility, growth, and shareholder value for their individual lines of business.  Larger, […]

Slayton Search Partners Unveils Elegant Loft-Style New Office

Chicago, April 3rd, 2018 – Slayton Search Partners, a globally respected leader in retained executive search, has unveiled a newly designed headquarters located in downtown Chicago. Taking nine months to complete, the 12,000 square foot office was built from scratch and completely fills an entire floor of the building on South Wacker Drive.

Changing Insurance Distribution Models and Evolving Carrier Strategies

insurance distribution models

As consumer shopping habits continue to shift, organizations are increasingly taking a hard look at how their products are sold and, ideally, adapting accordingly. For insurance carriers it’s no different. Whether it’s by embracing digitalization or improving direct-to-consumer models, the most successful carriers are the ones making attempts to evolve with the market. While those […]

How Alternative Food Ingredients Impact the Food Industry

No one has ever questioned the fact that you need cows to make cow’s milk. That is, until now. One company has discovered a way to 3D-print a cow’s DNA sequence, ferment it with genetically engineered yeast, and produce “real” lactose-free milk.  

What Retail’s Renaissance Means for Executive Leaders

state of retail

Online and mobile technologies have fundamentally reshaped human behaviors, desires and preferences.   It can be observed in our most primal activities (developing relationships and creating community) to our most mundane (daily commuting).  Just a few years ago, none of us orchestrated transportation for a night out by making a few keystrokes on our mobile devices.  […]