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The Growth of Insurtech: A Discussion with Global Reinsurer SCOR’s Adrian Jones and Jay D’Aprile, Slayton Search Partners

growth of insurtech

Lemonade’s massive IPO in early July jolted many insurance executives to attention. Should you get involved in Insurtech?  How might joining a startup impact on your career? Can you get involved without leaving your day job? To answer these questions and to learn more, Adrian Jones and Jay D’Aprile recently spoke. Jay is an executive […]

Prudential Marketing Executive Melissa Kivett Discusses Customer Experience in Insurance with Jay D’Aprile of Slayton Search Partners

customer experience in insurance

Providing a strong customer experience in today’s market is essential for growth and profitability. This is especially true in the insurance industry as carriers take a comprehensive approach to customer journeys and consider how they can impact experience along the way. To learn more, I spoke with Melissa Kivett, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer […]

Exploring the Past, Present, and Future of the Private Equity CFO Role

private equity CFO

The Chief Financial Officer role in any company, especially in a middle market private equity business, is a powerful position. However, this wasn’t always the case. There has been a distinct evolution of the CFO role over the last 35 years. In order to understand the progression and prominence of the CFO function, we examined […]

Hiring Tomorrow’s Leaders Amidst Today’s Crisis

hiring leaders crisis

Companies are far from operating in “business as usual” mode, but there are still business imperatives and targets that must be met.  In fact, this crisis has highlighted areas in businesses where there are “cracks” – processes or functions that were acceptable before, but now must be changed or improved.  It is this dichotomy, as […]

Now Is the Time for Leaders to Focus Post-COVID

Leaders to Focus Post-COVID

Though the end of this pandemic is still uncertain and undoubtedly still in the future, it’s clear that in the business world, the initial crisis management response is becoming admittedly stagnant. In the first few days and weeks the focus for leaders was on safety and risk mitigation. There wasn’t really enough time to understand […]