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Exploring the Past, Present, and Future of the Private Equity CFO Role

private equity CFO

The Chief Financial Officer role in any company, especially in a middle market private equity business, is a powerful position. However, this wasn’t always the case. There has been a distinct evolution of the CFO role over the last 35 years. In order to understand the progression and prominence of the CFO function, we examined […]

Hiring Tomorrow’s Leaders Amidst Today’s Crisis

hiring leaders crisis

Companies are far from operating in “business as usual” mode, but there are still business imperatives and targets that must be met.  In fact, this crisis has highlighted areas in businesses where there are “cracks” – processes or functions that were acceptable before, but now must be changed or improved.  It is this dichotomy, as […]

Now Is the Time for Leaders to Focus Post-COVID

Leaders to Focus Post-COVID

Though the end of this pandemic is still uncertain and undoubtedly still in the future, it’s clear that in the business world, the initial crisis management response is becoming admittedly stagnant. In the first few days and weeks the focus for leaders was on safety and risk mitigation. There wasn’t really enough time to understand […]

Exploring the Increasing Demand, Investment, and Hiring in Plant-Based Foods

hiring in plant-based foods

What used to be a fringe food category resigned to specialty stores and half a shelf in major grocers has now seen $16 billion in investment since 2009. It’s obvious to today’s shoppers that plant-based foods are increasing in prominence, taking greater hold in stores and in wallets. As this market continues to grow with […]

Leadership During the New Norm: The Unsustainable Nature of Crisis Management

leadership crisis management

There is one core truth about a crisis that we can’t afford to ignore: while any type of crisis takes its toll (be it personal, professional, local, or global), remaining in a state of adrenaline-driven alarm is unsustainable. It’s an appropriate initial response to a situation that threatens to turn our lives and businesses upside […]