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2021 Business Challenges: How CEOs Are Addressing External and Internal Changes

How CEOs Are Addressing External and Internal Changes

There’s no question that 2020 was a challenging, unpredictable, and difficult year for most businesses. While some effects of the pandemic will continue throughout 2021, the worst part of the crisis is over and corporate leaders are regrouping. They’re assessing a new landscape, looking hard at their organization, and determining what actions need to be […]

2021 CPG Market Trends Are Helping Food Manufacturers Thrive

2021 CPG market trends

COVID-19 spurred many changes in society, and consumption of consumer packaged goods is no exception. Lockdowns, social distancing, and fears about going out in public shifted CPG purchases and consumption from brick and mortar to inside one’s house. Even as the pandemic slowly subsides and vaccines become widespread, this impactful trend will continue.   As […]

Worker Transformation: How Today’s Employment Movement Shifts Power

worker transformation

From the eye of a hurricane, it’s difficult to understand exactly how big the storm is and how significantly it’s changing the landscape. What becomes obvious with time and distance is hard to see in the moment, and by any definition, 2020 was quite a moment for the world. It was an eye-opening year that […]

COVID-19 and How Company Culture and Retention Hang in the Balance

covid company culture​

It can be difficult to nail down an exact definition of company culture. But Gallup might just have gotten it right with their simple yet practical statement that organizational culture comes down to “how we do things around here.”   The concept of culture was first introduced in the 50s, with initial workplace studies appearing […]

How 2020 Is Shaping 2021’s HR Trends

2021 HR Trends

It’s important to reflect at the end of any year, but after one like 2020, it’s especially necessary. Good or bad, there’s always something to learn from past experiences. By looking at key shifts during 2020, we can anticipate what 2021 HR trends will mean for CHROs and HR departments everywhere.   Reflecting on 2020 […]