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Exploring the State of Diversity in the C-Suite

Exploring the State of Diversity in the C-Suite

Diversity has long been a topic of debate in the business world, but it’s becoming increasingly important against the landscape of the global marketplace. Study after study has shown the benefits of nurturing a diverse workforce, and the same is true for the executive team. A recent McKinsey report found that the top companies for […]

The Challenge of Hiring Executive Leaders in a Candidate-Driven Market

The Challenge of Hiring Executive Leaders in a Candidate-Driven Market

The candidate-driven market has become somewhat of a buzzword, infiltrating every corner of today’s business world. In every industry, this candidate-driven market is fueled by growing demand for top talent against a landscape of short supply. Unemployment rates are the lowest in a decade, and open positions sit empty longer.

key factors in succession planning

Key Factors in Effective Succession Planning

No matter what your industry, product or service, the foundation of every company is built on its people. From the C-suite to the frontline team, your people are your number one asset. But as essential as that frontline team is, there’s no denying that a company’s leaders are the least replaceable. They’re the ones with […]


The Evolving Traits of a Visionary Business Leader

As business leaders, we see the direct influence of globalization, consumerization and digitalization across the breadth of business functionalities. Although these trends vary by industry, geography and company, we’d be remiss to imagine that the future of the C-suite will remain unaffected. This matters not only for our current roles and succession plans, but also […]

Hiring Executives for the C-Suite: Source Internally or Externally?

Hiring decisions are wrought with uncertainties. Employing the wrong person can cause minor inconveniences at the entry level, but at the CXO level, a hiring mistake can cause detrimental economic effects that leave lasting effects throughout an organization. Engaging the most crucial members of your organization is a lengthy and strategic process. To ensure the best candidates are sought after for these crucial roles, recruiters should look outside the company in addition to within.