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Articles written by John Doyle

2021 HR Trends

How 2020 Is Shaping 2021’s HR Trends

It’s important to reflect at the end of any year, but after one like 2020, it’s especially necessary. Good or bad, there’s always something to learn from past experiences. By looking at key shifts during 2020, we can anticipate what 2021 HR trends will mean for CHROs and HR departments everywhere.   Reflecting on 2020 […]

improving diversity and inclusion

Facilitating the Conversation: The CHRO’s Role in Improving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Addressing COVID-19 may have been the top priority for businesses during 2020, but the year was also defined by a significant focus on diversity. During an already challenging time, this increased emphasis on inequality translated to social unrest in America and within workforces. Studies prove how critical this has become: 76% of professionals say having […]

Exploring the Evolving Dynamic Between CEOs and CHROs: How Has it Changed?

By any estimation, the relationship between the CEO and CHRO is one of the most important in any business. Previously, we looked at the unique relationship between these two roles from a high level. However, the dynamic between these important positions is not a static one. It changes based on a number of internal and […]

CHROs responding to covid-19

How Are CHROs Responding to COVID-19?

Across the nation, HR professionals are on high alert and doubling down on efforts to protect the wellbeing of their employees and customers. Many CHROs we’ve talked with recently admit to never working harder in their careers than they have in the past few days and weeks. There’s no denying that HR is at the […]

Hr executives

Why HR Executives Are Flocking to the Private Equity Industry

Today’s PE industry is surging, with more money raised and returned to investors than any other period in history. Firms continuously refine their strategy to find ways of unlocking growth opportunities, and that’s why they’re rethinking their HR functions. There is a growing trend of PE firms hiring senior-level HR talent like Chief Talent Officers, […]